Privacy Policy

The Rules Have Changed, LLC Privacy Statement              
                 July 9, 2017

CHILDREN UNDER 5, Apps for kids under 5 : We protect the privacy of kids under 5 and don’t collect any information.

We collect no personal contact info. There will be no linksto the internet. There may be links to other kid Apps from our company

CHILDREN OVER 5 & UNDER 13 : We protect the privacy of kids under 13 and don’t collect more information than we need.
We collect no personal contact info. Apps may contain advertising, but interest-based advertising isn’t allowed on sites or apps directed primarily to kids.

You may need to submit personal contact info (name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.) to register, participate in a promotion, get updates, or make a purchase. We respect your choices about receiving promotional messages from us.
We don’t access your contact list, photos or video files.

LOCATION INFO. We collect general location info (e.g., zip code), but not specific address absent consent.

We, agents, 3rd party service providers, app providers, analytics companies and ad networks collect some info automatically using technology.

We collect device and network info, like unique identifier(UDID, mobile or IP address), type of device, browser settings, operating system, referring domain, language preferences, mode of connecting to the Internet, and other information. 
Cookies and web beacons may be used with web-delivered content and at app-accessible websites.  
Third parties collect device identifiers, like mobile UDID or IP address, and info on your activities to analyze usage, or to deliver targeted ads to those 13+. Tools are available to help you control some technologies. 

USE. Info collected is used to provide and improve productsand services, fulfill requests, understand consumers, optimize functionality, and manage content and advertising.

We never share information unless required by law: As necessary to satisfy a legal request, protect property or personal safety, when a business is bought or sold, or as otherwise allowed or required by law.
LINKS. Apps may link to or use content from the Internet, including content offered by third parties that we do not control and whose privacy and data collection practices may differ from ours, including social media or networking sites
APP CONTROLS. Your device may allow you to block or manage push notifications, location information, in-app purchases,geo-tagging of photos or videos, or ability to access the web.